The Most Common Causes of Ear Pain

Learn how to check your ear pain with an otoscope

Earache is also a common disease. There are many causes of earache. First of all, we should distinguish between ear canal pain on the face or ear pain around the ear. It can be detected with the best otoscope. You can pull the auricle by hand to see if it can cause earache? If pulling the auricle aggravates the earache, it means that the pain comes from the external auditory canal, such as external auditory canal inflammation, external auditory canal swelling, etc. Then see if the earache is accompanied by hearing loss? If there is the effect of hearing, consider the possibility of otitis media, if the external auditory canal is at any time with the outflow of abscess and earache. Alleviate, it means that the tympanic membrane has been perforated, rush to the hospital or buy their own best ear otoscope to check.


If the pain does not come from the inner ear canal, but from the outer ear canal, it does not need the best otoscope. You can use your hand to press the osseous processes (condyles) that move up and down at any time before the ear opening and closing mouth to see if there is any obvious tenderness. If so, the pain comes from the temporomandibular joint. In addition, the greater occipital neuralgia behind the ear can be mistaken for earache.


If it is caused by inflammation, antibiotics should be used in time, and if it is caused by other causes of pain, then the cause of treatment. Conditionally, the best way is to use ear otoscopes.


The common causes and symptoms of ear pain are as follows:

When the external auditory canal is uncomfortable in the ear, some people like to dig it in the ear with nails, hairpins, etc. This is not the best way, it is easy to puncture the skin of the ear canal and cause infection and inflammation. At this time, there is not only earache but also bleeding. It is troublesome to have no otoscope.


When external auditory canal furuncles are not treated in time, they are not examined with the best otoscope, or when they are old and weak, suffer from diabetes, or when the skin of the ear canal is immersed in water for a long time, and when the skin surface resistance is weakened, they are prone to ear canal furuncles, which will gradually swell and abscess, and block the ear canal. It hurts.


When bacterial infection occurs in the middle ear cavity of acute otitis media, the best ear mirror can see is that pus is increasing, and directly oppressing the pain-sensitive tympanic membrane, which can cause ear bursts of pain, can be pulsatile pain.


Auricular herpes is associated with viral infection, which is more common on the auricle, causing earache like needling or burning. A few people may also have facial nerve paralysis, hearing loss, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. At this time, it's better to go to the hospital by yourself instead of using ear glasses to test by yourself.


Earwax is commonly known as earwax, which is produced by the cerumen glands under the skin of the ear canal. With otoscopes, you will find that the ear canal can be blocked when the cerumen accumulates, and the hearing will be affected. Once water enters the ear canal, the cerumen will swell and cause earache by pressing the ear canal tightly. It is best to have regular examination.


When malignant cancers grow in the ear canal or middle ear cavity, with the development of the disease, there will be bleeding in the ear canal and hearing loss, and there will be different degrees of earache. It doesn't work if you use your own ear glasses. The best way is to find a doctor.


Whatever the cause, earache should be treated in time to avoid delaying the best treatment period.

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