Benefits Of A Handheld Ergonomic Industrial Camera Endoscope

If you are unable to access or disassemble some type of mechanical equipment or mechanical parts, you should consider endoscope camera testing.

If your investment or budget is limited, you can consider handheld Economic Industrial camera endoscopes. They are also your good assistants.

They not only have visual inspection requirements, cutting characteristics, portable, clear video imaging effect, rotating probe operation, one-button shooting and video recording of endoscopic images, but also have the characteristics and flexibility that other high-end industrial endoscopes do not have, that is, probes of different diameters and working lengths can be freely interchangeable and combined, so you only need limited funds.

Gold investment can enrich the coverage of your endoscope camera detection capabilities and meet different requirements of camera endoscope detection; you no longer need to worry about the high maintenance costs and long maintenance waiting time caused by the damage of the probe, we provide the probe spare parts library of various diameters and lengths to provide you with the service of replacing old ones with new ones, of course, you need it. You have to pay a certain fee, but you don't have to worry about making you feel overwhelmed, because they are economic industrial camera endoscopes.

Pictures and videos of endoscope camera detection can be played back on hand-held monitors, stored on SD cards or transmitted to personal computers via USB cables.

Hand-held economical industrial video endoscope product features:

With high quality COMS imaging chip, the effective pixels can reach 1 million.

The insertion probe can rotate 360 degrees axially, guide in 2 directions, and guide at 180 degrees.

Built-in high brightness LED lighting source

Free interchange technology of endoscope probes camera with different diameters and working lengths to meet different needs of users

Digital Enlargement Function, Picture Rotation Function and One-click Capturing and Video Recording Function of Endoscopic Image

It is compact, portable, easy to carry anywhere, and has built-in rechargeable batteries.

The cost of maintenance is lower and the maintenance cycle is quicker because of the economical and practical price of the whole machine and the replacement of the old for the new business.

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