Several main factors need to be considered in selecting industrial best endoscopes:

Firstly, confirm the detection environment: the length and diameter of the endoscope lens are determined by the diameter and length of the detection site. The diameter of the lens may be less than 5.5mm or lower if the lens is unlocked or has special needs. In general, 7mm is enough for imaging requirements: resolution and pixels, medical requirements of the pixels will be relatively high, maintenance requirements of the pixels are relatively low, but the minimum should not be less than 30W pixels.

Lighting technology: Whether the lens is luminous or not determines whether it can be reused in dark environment. At the same time, the wide angle of the lens and the diameter of the lens have a certain impact on the coverage of the field of vision.


1.There is a difference between soft and hard wires. A wire is added to the hard wires to make it more convenient to bend. 

  1. The integrated endoscope and endoscope screen machine for mobile phones are convenient for customers to use. The relative price of the integrated machine is high. Nowadays, smart phones are popular all over the country. Mobile endoscopes are more adaptable to the market because of their low cost.

Process: The purpose of the product is to meet the needs of customers. The quality of the process needs enough professional knowledge to identify. Faced with the huge information ocean, customers can not spend a lot of time on process identification. The process is often overlooked by customers, but the products made like apple will still receive customers. Household love. More than 100 million endoscopes have high cost performance, excellent workmanship, dual-use mobile phones and computers, and are widely used in maintenance, unlocking, pipelines, dentistry and other fields. Welcome to consult and negotiate if necessary.

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