Ear Otoscopes for Babies

Usually after the baby is born in the hospital, they will have an digital otoscope examination. This is to find out whether there are foreign bodies in the baby's ear and whether there are new organisms. This is to protect the baby's health. Many people will also do otoscopy, otoscope inspection is very convenient, can quickly, effectively and scientifically check out some problems, below for you to introduce some of the problems.


Through ear otoscope inspection, we can observe the following pathological changes:

Ear wax embolism: Excessive cerumen secretion or obstruction of discharge will gradually accumulate and form cerumen embolism. The common symptoms are blockage of the external auditory canal, resulting in hearing loss and earache. Tinnitus and vertigo may occur when the tympanic membrane is stimulated too deeply.


Foreign bodies in the external auditory canal: Non-biological, plant and animal foreign bodies can be seen in the auditory canal. Such as cotton, insects and so on. If the foreign body is small and non-irritating, it can last for a long time without symptoms. Foreign body can block the ear canal, cause hearing loss and swelling, sometimes cause dizziness, tinnitus and earache, or cause skin damage.


Swelling and ulceration of external auditory canal: The common pathological changes are external auditory canal furuncles and diffuse external auditory canal inflammation. The former is characterized by localized redness and swelling with obvious pain.


External auditory canal empyema: may be due to external auditory canal lesions such as external auditory canal inflammation and external auditory canal eczema; or middle ear lesions pus from the perforation of the tympanic membrane, and accumulated in the external auditory canal, such as acute and chronic suppurative otitis media.


External auditory canal stenosis: In addition to congenital causes, often due to diffuse external auditory canal inflammation and chronic external ear eczema, resulting in skin thickening and narrowing of the external auditory canal, often affecting hearing.


Collapse of the posterior superior wall of the external auditory canal bone segment: often occurs as cholesteatoma of the external auditory canal, or as a result of chronic suppurative otitis media mastoiditis.


External auditory canal neoplasms: often benign tumors, chronic tumors, or chronic suppurative otitis media can lead to the growth of polyps in the tympanic chamber, polyps from the perforation of the tympanic membrane to form external auditory canal vegetation.


Through the introduction above, you should know why to do the ear otoscope inspection. Our ears are prone to foreign bodies, and the ears are sensitive. Generally, they are not deep cut. At this time, we need an digital ear otoscope, which can quickly detect the presence of foreign bodies in the ears. If your ears feel uncomfortable and accompanied by pain, you need to have an otoscope inspection for ear.

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