Pipeline video borescope detection systems are widely used in many fields. Their excellent designs in line with industry characteristics are often used by special equipment inspection engineers, maintenance and repair engineers, Petrochemical Power Construction contractors, municipal drainage maintenance engineers, and plumbers to detect areas they are difficult to reach or enter. Pipeline video borescope detection system lens can enter and explore urban sewage drainage system, rainwater drainage system, petrochemical process pipelines and other difficult to reach and detect areas; When you do not want to waste too much time, energy and money to guess which parts of the pipeline defect and failure, pipe video borescope Detection system is your best choice. It can reach the detection area directly, and present defects and faults clearly and intuitively in front of your eyes. It is helpful to make the next maintenance and maintenance plan.

Suggest and provide a pipeline video detection system that meets your detection requirements and financial budget. Whether you are a civil or industrial user, we can provide corresponding products to meet the different requirements of users: for example, different diameter lengths of lens, different working lengths of putters or pipeline crawling robots; introduction The type of pipeline video borescope is easy to use and can be easily used by ordinary people. Professional products can detect municipal drainage system and can analyze the damage by software and repair by mechanical arm. All our pipeline video detection products are equipped with high-resolution CCD imaging chips, integrated with high-brightness LED lighting system, which provides good auxiliary lighting for the detection area, and can store the endoscopic image and video into memory for the analysis and management of later pictures.

If you encounter any problems in the operation and use of our piping borescope products, please contact our product experts as soon as possible. We will provide timely and effective support and suggestions for you. All our products provide one-year quality assurance.

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