This borescope is very well thought out. Beyond the 4.5 inch color HD monitor and rigid bore scope this includes:
A product instruction manual, two extra replacement screw-on mirrors, twelve double-ended pointed mirror cleaning probes (similar to Q-tips), four alcohol prep pads, a charging cord, a pre-installed memory card to save images and a plastic bracket that screws on the back of the monitor to tilt the monitor for viewing when set on a table. All of this is in a sturdy nicely made box with a magnetic closure on the flap to protect everything during transport or storage. At this price point,it is with high price/quality ratio.
This product is perfect for for those of us who do not carry a smart phone or do not wish to risk damage to their expensive smart phone if they drop it at the range.
This borescope is very useful to monitor build up of carbon fouling and copper, and to visualize which cleaning products work the best (or don't work well). Attached are some pictures for your reference.
The included memory card allows saving images which can be transferred to your computer from a card reader. These saved images are invaluable when communicating with a firearms manufacturer regarding any problems or significant barrel issues found on new firearms.It is very difficult to deny what these pictures show.
This borescope would also be invaluable for inspecting the barrel interior of any used firearms you are considering purchasing. Wear, rust, pitting, fire-cracking, throat erosion and other defects can be easily seen before you make the purchase decision and you can bring this fully functional unit to the location where you are considering the purchase, as in a gun show or gun shop.
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