Inspection Cameras and Their Uses

Inspection cameras like endoscopes and borescopes are mainly used to observe and test the internal conditions of mechanical equipment such as automobiles, aeroengines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc.

They can detect the depth of bending pipelines, observe the parts that can not be directly seen, observe the internal space structure and state in the sealed cavity, and stop the assembly and equipment without disassembly or destruction.

Non-destructive testing and long-distance observation and operation are realized in operation. Inspection cameras may be applied to various sectors of modern core industries such as aviation, automobile, ship, electrical, chemical, electric power, gas, atomic energy, civil construction and so on.

With the development of modern industrial technology and the rapid rise of domestic industrial design, the function and shape of industrial endoscopes has been greatly improved.

Hand-held integrated design of video endoscopes

The design of our video endoscope adopts the design concept of portable integration, which has the characteristics of high integration, high resolution, ultra-portable, ultra-light weight, ultra-long quality guarantee, and realizes the optimization of traditional endoscopes.

It uses embedded portable lithium batteries and DSP data processing center to continuously provide sufficient power and powerful data image processing functions for the equipment; built-in storage module, pluggable SD card, which can effectively take photos and videos to check the corrosion and cracking of various industrial pipelines or complex and narrow equipment internal space. The patterns, welds, foreign bodies, wear and tear as well as the internal processing of parts can be observed and tested carefully and comprehensively.

At the same time, this industrial endoscope design also fully considers the user's use and emotional needs, its overall design conforms to ergonomics, hand-held integrated design, easy to carry; the whole machine can be disassembled design, the probe can be replaced, greatly reducing the cost of use; plug-in battery design, so that the working time is extended. Persistent; Unique optical design, high brightness LED lighting source can provide good visual effect; Titanium alloy shell material, multi-layer tungsten wire weaving detection line, anti-corrosion, wear resistance, strong and durable; Interactive interface humanized design, one key switch, intelligent photography, video integration function, convenient and timely recording of test data. It is intuitive and simple.

In addition, this industrial endoscope design is concise and beautiful, streamlined design style, simple technology, in line with the modern aesthetic trend, while meeting people's aesthetic needs, it improves the added value of products and market competitiveness, helping enterprises to shape a good brand image. It can be seen that in the design of modern industrial products, how to optimize and improve the traditional industrial equipment from the level of industrial design and promote the upgrading of equipment is not only an urgent need for the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, but also a problem that domestic industrial design companies need to explore and solve together.