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Portable Power Station TP60A

629WH of Battery Power for All Your Charging Needs

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• Power Phones, Appliances, Cameras, Drones & More!
• Many Ports - AC, 12V DC Auto & 8mm, USB-A, and USB-C PD
• Bluetooth App Controls & Monitors Function
• Recharge from AC, DC, USB-C & Solar Power
• Includes a Flood Light, & Emergency & SOS Beacon

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• 12-month warranty
• 30-day money-back guarantee return

TP60A 629WH Portable Power Station

Massive Power That's Ready For Any Adventure!

In a world full of rechargeable devices

How do you recharge when the power goes out, or if you travel away from an outlet? The TP60A is the easiest to control and most portable, power station on the market. Keep all your small to medium-size devices and appliances charged with a whopping 629 watt-hours of power on camping trips, at backyard parties, tailgating, or on-the-go power in case of an emergency.

Bluetooth App Connectivity

Bluetooth App Connectivity

The TP60A is the easiest to control because it has an integrated Bluetooth App that lets you control all of its features remotely. Turn on your camping lights without getting up from the campfire. Check your battery level from a distance. Even signal for help with the SOS strobe from your smartphone.

Power Many Devices

Power Many Devices

The TP60A is equipped with five different port options to power a wide range of devices - including 2x AC outlet (120V 500W 1000W Peak), 12V automotive, 12V 8mm, USB-A, and USB-C PD - to power everything.

• Smart Phone (12 Wh): 52x  
• Tablet (30 Wh): 20x
• Laptop (50 Wh): 12x  
• POV Camera (5 Wh): 125x
• DSLR Camera (18 Wh): 35x 
• Head Lamp (5 Wh): 125x

High Speed Charging

High Speed Charging

The high-speed Power Delivery USB-C port features the latest high-speed charging technology. This port also acts as an input allowing the TP60A to be recharged from any USB-C cable.

Hours of Runtime  
• LED Camping Light (4.5 W): 139 hr 
• Light Bulb (11 W): 57 hr 
• CPAP (65 W): 9 hr 
• TV (42" LED) (100 W): 6 hr
• Pellet Grill (60 W): 10 hr 
• Portable Fridge (25 W): 25 hr 
• WiFi Router (25 W): 25 hr

Ready For The Dark

Ready For The Dark

If the power goes out or you are camping at night - the TP60A doesn’t just power your light - IT IS A LIGHT.

One white LED flood light is located on the power station’s side and is adjustable to three brightness levels.

A second LED flood light is red for emergencies, and is ideal as a flashing roadside warning light, or it can even signal SOS and be used as a search and rescue beacon.

Ways To Charge The TP60A

THE SUN - Recharge the TP60A from the sun with portable solar panels (8mm DC input). The higher the wattage of the panel, the faster the charging time.
WALL OUTLET - Plug it into the wall using the included 85W power supply for a full recharge in just 8 hours.
USB-C - Charge the TP60A with a USB-C cord in your car or at home.

TP60A recharges from 0-80% in as little as 2.5 hours with the combined AC adapter and USB-C PD adapter inputs allowing for 200W power flow, and supports passing through charging.

Advantages Over Gasoline Generators

Clean, Quiet, No Fumes - Safely use the TP60A indoors. Gas generators are noisy and loud - you can’t run them indoors and often need long extension cords to move them away from people because they are so loud.
Low Maintenance - Simply keep it plugged into the wall, your car, or a solar panel to extend battery life. Fewer moving parts to wear out.
Efficient, No Lost Power - Power is stored and consumed as needed, maximizing output.
Lower Cost of Ownership - Sunlight is free, gasoline is expensive! Costs less than popular gasoline powered inverter generators over its lifetime.
Lighter Weight - At just 16.7lbs the TP60A is much lighter than most gas generators, which are often so heavy they need wheels to roll around.

Emergency Backup

Be prepared for any emergency with the TP60a. Keep your essential electronic devices running during an outage.


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Portable Power Station TP60A