NTE100i Digital Ear Camera for iPhone

$59.99 $45.99
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Ear Camera for iPhone EASY TO USE - You can use this digital ear camera to inspect your ear, nose, skin, hair, mouth, or...

NTE390/430 USB Digital Otoscope with Camera

$29.99 $25.99
All Products Android Otoscope Deal Zone Ear Endoscopes Otoscopes USB Otoscopes
USB Otoscope Camera The Teslong NTE390/ NTE430 digital otoscope is a 2nd generation digital USB otoscope camera for inspecting the ear, nose, or throat via a...

Digital Otoscope with Screen (MS450D39)

$84.99 $74.99
All Products BUNDLE-4555186995313 Deal Zone Ear Endoscopes Otoscopes Otoscopes with Screen
Best Otoscope for Home Use EASY TO USE - You can use this digital otoscope with screen to inspect your ear, nose, skin, hair,...

NTE390W/430W Otoscope for iPhone & Android

$39.99 $35.99
All Products Android Otoscope Ear Endoscopes iPhone Otoscope No Deal Otoscopes Wi-Fi Otoscope
WiFi Otoscope for iPhone & Android The Teslong NTE390W/430W otoscope for iPhone and Android is a WiFi otoscope with a digital microscopic camera that connects...

Smart Otoscope with Smart Otoscope (SA39W)

$45.99 $35.99
All Products Android Otoscope Ear Endoscopes iPhone Otoscope Otoscopes Wi-Fi Otoscope
Best Smart Otoscope The Teslong SA39W Smart Otoscope with 1280x720p HD video and 6 adjustable LED lights is compatible with iPhone & Android and is easy...

Teslong NTE100i(IUVC) Digital Ear Camera for iPhone

$65.99 $35.99
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Teslong Otoscope iPhone, 4.3mm HD Inspection Camera, 6 Adjustable LED Lights with Ear Wax Removal Tools, Works with iPhone, iPad & Android OTOSCOPE for...

Otoscope Ear Buddies Ear Cleaner, Teslong USB Ear Camera, Digital Otoscope Camera, HD Video Ear Scope, Ear Wax Removal Tool with LED Light for iPhone, Android Phone, Adult, Self, Child, Dogs for Home

$59.99 $45.99
All Products Android Otoscope Ear Endoscopes Otoscopes USB Otoscopes
【IPHONE & ANDROID COMPATIBLE】This otoscope is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices. NOTE: It does NOT SUPPORT PC or Macbook and Linux!!!...

Frequently Asked Questions

An ear otoscope is a device that allows the user to examine someone’s ear canal and eardrum, inside their nose, or the back of their throat. A traditional otoscope uses a light source and magnifying glass to let a physician see inside the patient’s ear, nose or throat during an examination. Otoscopes are often thought of as ear cameras.

There are now also modern digital otoscopes that have a camera attached to the end of the device so users can see a high resolution image of the inner ear on a screen instead. This is much safer when working within the ear (such as during ear cleaning) because you can see what you’re doing better and avoid injuring the eardrum.

An otoscope provides an easy way for anyone to stay on top of their ear, nose, or throat health and cleanliness.

Otoscopes range in price depending on the technology and size. You will be able to find basic traditional otoscopes for as little as $20, while otoscopes used by doctors and professionals may cost thousands of dollars.

You can get a great quality otoscope for between $20 and $100, depending on what kind of technology it has. The traditional type, which you must look through, can be found at the lower end, while more advanced digital otoscopes with a screen and/or wifi will be at the higher end.

The best otoscope will depend on your needs – someone who wants to take better care of their health at home has very different needs to someone who plans to offer ear cleaning services professionally.

At Teslong, we can provide you with the best otoscope for easy home use. Whether you want a digital otoscope with a built-in screen, iPhone or Android compatibility, a USB otoscope or WiFi otoscope, we have an otoscope to suit you at a great price.

An otoscope is defined as an apparatus designed specifically for visual inspection of the outer ear, or ear canal, and the eardrum, as well as the back of the throat or nose using a light and magnifying lens. Modern digital otoscopes use an ear camera with a lens, which means users can see and take photos or video within their own ears, nose, or throat, and send those images to professionals who can better assess their health. In modern times, if someone refers to an otoscope, they likely mean a digital otoscope with camera.

An otoscope can only damage your ear if it is not used correctly. If not used carefully, the otoscope tip may irritate the ear canal lining, so you just need to make sure that you insert the otoscope steadily and slowly. If this irritation does occur, it is unlikely to be severe and will go away on its own.

The main risk comes if you insert the otoscope too far into the ear canal as there is a potential for damaging the eardrum. If you feel any kind of resistance, like something is blocking the canal, do not attempt to move the otoscope any further forward.

This is a good reason to use a digital otoscope, as you’ll be able to see whether you’re encountering a foreign object that needs to be removed or your eardrum.

Choosing an otoscope is easy, there are just a few factors you need to consider:

Size You need to select an otoscope that is a convenient size for your intended use. You can choose either a standard size or a pocket-size otoscope if you need something portable and convenient to carry around.

Power You will find that all of the digital otoscopes that we offer include rechargeable batteries so they are convenient to use, easy to charge and don’t have wasteful disposable batteries.

Light Since otoscopes are made to inspect inside dark places, like ears, they must include a light source near the lens to illuminate whatever they are pointed at. Historically, older designs have included filament light bulbs to illuminate the field of view, but these bulbs use lots of power and can get hot. All Teslong otoscopes use LED lights that are typically oriented in a ring pattern around the outside edge of the camera lens.

The quality of LEDs has improved vastly in recent years and is now much more efficient than filament bulbs. LEDs last up to several years without losing their brightness or efficacy and have a much longer battery life. Our LED lights also include a brightness adjuster, so that you are provided with the best possible image.

Probe/Head Size Possibly the most important consideration when choosing an otoscope is the size of the probe. Especially if you are going to be using your otoscope on infants or children, you want to be sure that the camera is small enough to fit comfortably in the ear canal without irritating the lining. Our otoscopes have super thin camera tips so that they can be used on people (and even pets!) of all ages.

Compatibility The final point you need to think about is compatibility. Do you want an otoscope that has a screen built-in or one that is compatible with your smart device?

An otoscope with its own screen will be at the higher end of the price bracket, so if you are looking for one that is a little more affordable you should choose an otoscope that is compatible with your computer or smart device, whether that be iOS or Android. We offer otoscopes that connect via USB, work with iPhones, or Android, so you can choose an otoscope to best suit your needs.

An otoscope can be inserted into the ear to view the ear canal up to the eardrum, which is the part of your ear that separates the external canal from the middle ear. The inner ear is behind the eardrum and so an otoscope cannot be used to view the inner ear.

Where an otoscope is used to inspect the ear, nose, and mouth, an ophthalmoscope is only used to examine the eye.

An ophthalmoscope uses the same principles as an otoscope, but shines a light through the pupil to view the back of the eye and allows trained professionals to perform an examination. Our otoscopes are not designed, or intended to be used, as ophthalmoscopes.

Often, looking after our own health, or that of our family and pets, is extremely difficult if it’s not somewhere you can easily see with the naked eye. An otoscope gives you the power to better assess an issue to see if you need to seek medical attention, or simply better care for yourself or your family. Our otoscopes are high quality and affordable, so browse our entire range today.

THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON ANY ITEM SOLD BY TESLONG. TESLONG will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale or use of any merchandise purchased from us. TESLONG's liability is limited to the monetary value of the merchandise.

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