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TTS300 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

See beyond your naked eye with infrared vision!

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• Flip-out VGA Resolution Screen and Electronic Viewfinder
• Temperature Tracking (Maximum, Center Point, and Minimum Temperature)
• Manual macro Focusing Combined with Telephoto 1-4x Digital Zoom
• 4000mAh Rechargeable Battery that Lasts 8-12 Hours

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• 12-month warranty
• 30-day money-back guarantee

TTS300 - The Most Convenient Consumer Thermal Camera

The first-ever consumer thermal camera with a fully articulated flip-out tempered glass screen!

See The World In A Whole New Light - See In Infrared


Thermal cameras are the next best thing to X-ray vision! While regular cameras record visible light, thermal cameras detect infrared radiation - or temperature. Thermal cameras used to be reserved only for scientists or engineers. Now, advances in thermal sensors, LCD interfaces, and rechargeable batteries have allowed Teslong to build some of the most capable imaging inspection tools on the market for a cost that’s hard to believe. They're an excellent tool for locating people in the dark, finding short circuits, inspecting buildings for water leaks, insulation placement, and many more uses!

The Teslong TTS300 includes an infrared array of 256 x 192 for a total of 49,000+ points of temperature detection. This device doesn’t just see temperature variations - it can also calculate the actual temperatures of the surfaces you point it at. Six different color palette options are available at the push of a button to optimize your screen to whatever thermal landscape you are viewing. The Teslong TTS300 has a telephoto lens and macro focus mode, allowing you to see anything - near or far - in stunning detail. Perfect for house inspection, automobile diagnostics, electronics repair, outdoor adventure, and night hunting. See beyond your naked eye by using infrared vision – the TTS300!

Manual Macro Focus

Manual Macro Focus

The adjustable focus allows the viewer to see objects as close as 8 inches - just turn the focusing ring to adjust the lens into macro mode.

Telephoto Zoom

Telephoto Zoom

Combine the medium telephoto optical lens with a 1-4X digital zoom to see at a distance, then adjust to macro mode to see details up close.

Temperature Tracking

Temperature Tracking

The TTS300 thermal camera can not only detect the target temperature, but also automatically identify the lowest temperature point and high temperature point. At the same time, the range of detection temperature can be set to eliminate interference items.

Color Palette with 6 color modes

Color Palette with 6 color modes

The Color Palette button cycles through six different color modes to provide the best thermal contrast against a range of backgrounds.

White Hot


Black Hot

Green Hot

Iron Oxide Red

REd Hot








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TTS300 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera