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Auto-Focus Flexible Inspection Camera Probes - 0.49 in (12.5 mm)

SKU CAM12501
Original price ¥19,300 - Original price ¥20,900
Original price
¥19,300 - ¥20,900
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• Auto-Focus Camera Lens - Just Like Your Phone!
• Highest Quality 1920x1080p Video Capture
• Compatible with NTS300/430/500/700 and WF200 Teslong monitors
• LED Ring Lights are Adjustable for Brightness
• IP67 Waterproof - Use in Water Up to 3.3 ft (1-meter) Deep
• Accessories Included

Length: 3.2 ft (1-meter)

• Free shipping on orders over $149
• 12-month warranty
• 30-day money-back guarantee


CAMERA PROBE ONLY: This camera probe must be used with one of the following camera monitors: NTS300, NTS430, NTS500, NTS700, or WF200.

TWO SIZES: This camera probe is available in three sizes - 3.2 ft (1-meter) and 9.8 ft (3-meters).

AUTO-FOCUS LENS: This camera probe has a diameter of 0.49-inches (12.5 mm) - this is larger than our other camera probes, but it has an improved auto-focus lens that allows you to focus on a subject that is 1-inch to 100 feet away, similar to the camera lens on your mobile phone.

This is to purchase the camera probe ONLY. To use this probe it must be paired with a compatible monitor mentioned above.

If you would like to purchase a kit, click on the following links:
NTS300 Auto-Focus KitNTS500 Auto-Focus Kit

Auto-Focus Lens

Auto-Focus Lens

The auto-focus inspection camera probe features a metal cable housing with a durable rubber coating that holds its shape well for easy handling.

• 1 in to 100 ft focus
• 4 LED lights
• Threaded design for accessories (hook, magnet, & mirror)

LED Ring Lights

Four LED lights are adjustable for brightness and give the straight-viewing camera a perfect view of the darkest inspection areas. The side-viewing camera also has its own LED lights.


The camera probe uses an aerospace connector that is water safe and IP67-rated to use in pools, plumbing, and rain. Use it in water up to 1 meter (3.2 ft) deep.


With a flexible and sturdy design, the camera cable can easily bend and maintain its shape, allowing you to easily access hard-to-reach areas.


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Auto-Focus Flexible Inspection Camera Probes - 0.49 in (12.5 mm)