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MS450 Household Inspection Monitor

Affordable Stand-Alone Endoscope Monitor for USB Probes

SKU TSMS450-Monitor
Original price ¥9,700 - Original price ¥9,700
Original price
¥9,700 - ¥9,700
Current price ¥9,700

• 4.5-Inch Tempered Glass IPS LCD Screen
• Supports Video Capture Up to 1280x720p
• Compatible With USB - Based Teslong Camera Probes
• 32GB Micro SD Card Records Photo & Video
• 2500mAh Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries

Lens available in:


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The Teslong MS450 inspection monitor can be used for mechanical inspection, care repair, plumbing fixes, electrical installs, house DIY, wall upgrades, HVAC maintenance, and more. It is the perfect digital inspection camera for conducting non-invasive inspections of small areas, like looking in an engine’s combustion chamber through the spark plum hole or inside a wall without damaging the drywall. The inspection monitor is very easy to use. Wi-Fi connections or downloading software is NOT required - this is a stand-alone device.


To use as an inspection camera it should be paired with one of the following model camera probes: USB Type Teslong Camera Probes

an inspection monitor that is Affordable for everyone!

an inspection monitor that is Affordable for everyone!

• 4.5 inch display
• IP67 waterproof
• 2500mAh Rechargeable Battery
• 4 Hours Working Time
• Built-in 32GB memory card
• Captures both photo and video

4 hour battery life

Rain proof monitor

Viewing Stand

Camera Probe Comparison - Household & DIY

Model Number MSCAM5505/03 MSCAM80D03/03 MSCAM79T01
Price $39.99 USD $69.99 USD $79.99
Use Home / DIY Home / DIY Home / DIY
How Many Lenses 1 2 3
Probe Diameter 0.21-inch (5.5mm) 0.31-inch (8mm) 0.31-inch (8mm)
Probe Lengths 16 ft (5m) 9.8 ft (3m)
16 ft (5m)
32 ft (10m)
48 ft (15m)
3.2 ft (1m)
9.8 ft (3m)
16 ft (5m)
Auto or Fixed Focus? Fixed Fixed Fixed
Camera Resolution 1280x720 px 1280x720 px 1280x720 px
Main Lens Focal Distance 1.18-3.9 inches (3-10cm) 1.18-3.9 inches (3-10cm) 1.18-3.9 inches (3-10cm)
View Angle 70º 70º 70º
Side Lens Resolution X 1280x720 px 1280x720 px
Side Lens Focal Distance X 0.78-1.96 inches (2-5cm) Lens B: 0.78-2.36 inches (2-6cm)
Lens C: 0.39-0.98 inches (1-2.5cm)
Side Lens View Angle X 70º 70º
Connector Type USB USB USB
Material of the Probe Coated, Bendable Metal Coated, Bendable Metal Coated, Bendable Metal
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MS450 Household Inspection Monitor