NTE100i Digital Ear Camera for iPhone

$59.99 $45.99
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Ear Camera for iPhone EASY TO USE - You can use this digital ear camera to inspect your ear, nose, skin, hair, mouth, or...

NTE390/430 USB Digital Otoscope with Camera

$29.99 $25.99
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USB Otoscope Camera The Teslong NTE390/ NTE430 digital otoscope is a 2nd generation digital USB otoscope camera for inspecting the ear, nose, or throat via a...

NTE390W/430W Otoscope for iPhone & Android

$39.99 $35.99
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WiFi Otoscope for iPhone & Android The Teslong NTE390W/430W otoscope for iPhone and Android is a WiFi otoscope with a digital microscopic camera that connects...

Smart Otoscope with Smart Otoscope (SA39W)

$45.99 $35.99
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Best Smart Otoscope The Teslong SA39W Smart Otoscope with 1280x720p HD video and 6 adjustable LED lights is compatible with iPhone & Android and is easy...

Teslong NTE100i(IUVC) Digital Ear Camera for iPhone

$65.99 $35.99
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Teslong Otoscope iPhone, 4.3mm HD Inspection Camera, 6 Adjustable LED Lights with Ear Wax Removal Tools, Works with iPhone, iPad & Android OTOSCOPE for...

Otoscope Ear Buddies Ear Cleaner, Teslong USB Ear Camera, Digital Otoscope Camera, HD Video Ear Scope, Ear Wax Removal Tool with LED Light for iPhone, Android Phone, Adult, Self, Child, Dogs for Home

$59.99 $45.99
All Products Android Otoscope Ear Endoscopes Otoscopes USB Otoscopes
【IPHONE & ANDROID COMPATIBLE】This otoscope is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices. NOTE: It does NOT SUPPORT PC or Macbook and Linux!!!...

Frequently Asked Questions

An otoscope takes a look at the internal part of the ear. Doctors use otoscopes to check ears for infections and gain a better view of the ear canal, wax levels, and eardrum. Moreover, an otoscope has an attached light that helps to visualize and examine the inner ear. Most of these devices are waterproof and include replaceable ear speculum tips to protect the ear from accidental injury.

Android otoscopes do not include a display screen. Instead, you connect the otoscope to your Android phone or tablet to connect to the display on your phone. By using your phone, you can save images and videos taken with the otoscope on your device.

Not all otoscopes work with Android devices. Some otoscopes come with a display screen and do not connect to other devices for visuals. If you want an otoscope that will work with an Android device via wi-fi or USB connection. Check to ensure that your Android device has a USB connection if you are not buying a wi-fi otoscope.

Almost all Teslong otoscopes work with Android devices. However, a few of the otoscopes we sell only work with the included screen, and a few are only available on Apple. Check before purchasing that the device you plan to purchase will work with your preferred device.

Yes, Android otoscopes are waterproof. As a matter of fact, the devices are IP67 waterproof which means the device is water and dust-proof. The device is protected against effects of temporary immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Do not leave an otoscope in liquid for longer than necessary as they are only tested for 30 minutes.

Yes, Android otoscopes are safe to use as long as you use extreme caution. When used correctly, an ear endoscope is a fantastic diagnostic tool ready to help find problems in the inner ear. However, always use the included safety tips. These tips protect the camera from going too far into the ear canal and causing an accidental injury.

However, it is best to make sure that children and teenagers do not perform examinations of their own ears or anyone else's ears for that matter, including the family pet. If you or anyone else in your family has any chronic ear problems or other illnesses, speak to your doctor before using an otoscope at home. Visit your doctor for an exam if you have any safety concerns.

Before using the otoscope, make sure the tips are properly cleaned and sanitized, including the tips. Wash your hands too and if possible, sanitize the phone, tablet, otoscope base, and cords to be extra safe and cautious. Any germs or dirt that enter the ear can cause infection. Always clean the devices after as well.

Store the cleaned otoscope in a soft case to protect the camera, as scratches limit visibility in the ear canal. If the camera is not working correctly, do not use it in someone's ear. Always keep the devices away from water to prevent further complications. Last of all, make sure you are aware of the inner ear's anatomy before using a scope to prevent any problems.

Using an otoscope connected to an Android device has several benefits. First, as it connects to a device, you are in control of how large the display is to help you get better visuals of the inner ear. Second, having the otoscope connected to your phone or tablet allows you to save images and videos easily. Finally, with the image or video saved, you can easily send the information to other people like your doctor for a teletherapy appointment or for an out-of-office appointment.

Doctors can benefit from this technology as well as they can display the inner ear on a larger screen, making it easier to see. Doctors can use the device to take images and videos and attach them straight to digital client files for easier access in the future. By connecting to an Android device, doctors can reduce exam time with higher levels of accuracy and more affordably. Veterinarians can also use these devices for animals and attach the record to digital pet files.

Teachers can use the scope and display as they do a walkthrough with their students. Furthermore, students can use the device on themselves or others for extra practice and fully understand the internal ear and how to examine patients. Next, you can often get a better image with a higher resolution screen using your Android device. With higher resolution, you can send more accurate images to your doctor, and they can, in turn, diagnose issues easier too.

Also, you can take higher-quality images and videos and zoom in more to get better visuals. As the device connects to your phone, you can also take it with you anywhere. Finally, using the device on your phone reduces cables and makes it easier to use the otoscope in any place or situation.

To use an otoscope with your Android device, you first need to make sure both devices are fully charged. Next, download and install the software for the device to your phone by searching for the device on the app store. Finally, you can access the app by scanning an included QR code on the box or manual of the device.

Now, hold the power button on the otoscope for a few seconds until the device powers on. You will see an indicator light turn on when the device powers up. Open Settings on your phone and turn on your wi-fi if it's not already on. Connect to the otoscope via wi-fi, and then you can run the software. Open the app and start using the software. Look for on-screen instructions to use the software.

Some otoscopes that require a device for display will work with both Android and Apple. Furthermore, some devices will even connect to Windows computers, Chromebooks, or MacBooks, giving you more options for larger screens. Check your device's manual to find what options your device works with, and you can check the app store as well.

Other options may only connect to a device by using a USB port. Apple phones do not have a USB port and will not connect to this style of the device. However, these devices can still connect to Android devices, Windows computers, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. Some devices will work with Google devices with options in the Google Play app store.

Some devices may work without wi-fi and will require you to plug the device into the power port of your phone or tablet. At some point, otoscopes using Bluetooth may be on the market to allow for another method of connection, but as of right now, this option is not available.

If possible, look for a device that connects to multiple devices, as this allows you to connect to potentially larger screens. Also, some phones and tablets, like Apple devices, allow you to connect to your television by using AirPlay, LocalCast, AllCast, or some other streaming method. This option allows you an even larger visual of the images from the otoscope so multiple people can collaborate or for better visuals.

Teslong provides various endoscopes, borescopes, otoscopes, and accessories to help make a difference in life. We spent decades creating and developing innovative digital products to help people solve problems and make life easier and better. Our focus is on manufacturing and exporting high-quality scopes for both consumer and industrial uses with state-of-the-art technology equipment for affordable prices. Also, we are dedicated to environmental and societal responsibilities to bring the best products to the market.

Try one of our otoscopes and learn how to check your own ears or your family's ears. If you do not love the product, you can return it in thirty days. We stand by our products and will work with you to fix any problems. Furthermore, you can reach us online, phone, or live chat to get all the information and assistance you need. We ship worldwide and even offer rewards to help our customers enjoy their products and get the most use from their purchase. Get the best quality for years of useful help from smart products ready to meet your needs.

THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON ANY ITEM SOLD BY TESLONG. TESLONG will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale or use of any merchandise purchased from us. TESLONG's liability is limited to the monetary value of the merchandise.

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