NTE100i Digital Ear Camera for iPhone

$59.99 $45.99
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Ear Camera for iPhone EASY TO USE - You can use this digital ear camera to inspect your ear, nose, skin, hair, mouth, or...

NTE390W/430W Otoscope for iPhone & Android

$39.99 $35.99
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WiFi Otoscope for iPhone & Android The Teslong NTE390W/430W otoscope for iPhone and Android is a WiFi otoscope with a digital microscopic camera that connects...

Smart Otoscope with Smart Otoscope (SA39W)

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Best Smart Otoscope The Teslong SA39W Smart Otoscope with 1280x720p HD video and 6 adjustable LED lights is compatible with iPhone & Android and is easy...

Teslong NTE100i(IUVC) Digital Ear Camera for iPhone

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Teslong Otoscope iPhone, 4.3mm HD Inspection Camera, 6 Adjustable LED Lights with Ear Wax Removal Tools, Works with iPhone, iPad & Android OTOSCOPE for...

Frequently Asked Questions

An otoscope is a device that can enter the ear and provide visuals of the inner ear for examination. Essentially it's an ear camera that can also examine inside the nose, hair, mouth, and even pets. In a doctor's office, they have a smaller otoscope that does not go far into the ear but offers a light to see clearly.

With a smart otoscope, you get a smaller device with a camera on a tip that can insert into an ear canal. A guard protects the otoscope from going too far into the ear. Furthermore, an otoscope includes a tool for ear wax removal. Add in the ability to see the inner ear on a phone display for larger visuals for an excellent device ready to function well.

Some otoscopes include their own screen, with an iPhone otoscope, you provide the screen with your smart device. This reduces the cost of the device and provides better visuals with a retina display. Also, most of the otoscopes will work with Android devices. Once images or videos are captured, you can display them on any device, including on a television screen, as Apple allows you to screen share.

To use your iPhone as an otoscope, you need to buy an otoscope that connects to your phone. Many of these devices can connect to both iPhone and Android phones and tablets. Some can also connect to a computer or other devices. The otoscope does require an app to work with your phone.

The device connects to a phone using a wi-fi connection and allows you to take photos and record video or watch live. With an LED ring light with three levels of brightness, you can easily see inside the ear. Also, the camera can take both photos and videos right on the device that you can save. Then, send the images or video to your doctor for telemedicine appointments.

An otoscope comes with a wide body attached to a long cord connected to the actual otoscope. Some of the options connect with a cord, while others connect over wi-fi. To use the otoscope with your iPhone, you will need to download an app to your phone and then connect the device to your wi-fi.

First, download the app, then go to settings, wi-fi, and wait for the device to show up and then click to connect. This process can take a minute or two. Make sure the body of the otoscope is turned on and fully charged before attempting to connect to your phone. After the first use and setup, your phone should connect much easier for future uses.

Otoscopes are accurate in that they display the inner ear accurately with high definition. Health personnel can use the device to accurately diagnose an ear infection or other problems with the same accuracy of a general practitioner with a traditional otoscope. For clearing out ear wax, these devices can be invaluable with proper caution. An otoscope can accurately find foreign bodies in an ear, too, although again, you will need to use caution to remove the foreign item.

However, those with no medical training may not be as accurate without training. If possible, speak to your doctor about how to inspect an ear with an otoscope and signs to look for in the ear. Furthermore, an otoscope provides the option to take pictures and video, allowing you to email the images to your doctor. From there, the doctor can properly diagnose the issue.

An otoscope needs to be functional and to do so, it requires a few different elements. The first thing you should look for is the camera, which should be super thin and high definition. Next, the device should be able to take both photos and videos. An LED ring light with adjustable brightness is a must too.

Additionally, a good otoscope will have multiple accessories, including an ear wax removal toy, ear spoon, speculums, and a storage case. An otoscope needs to be waterproof, too, as the inside of an ear is rarely dry, and the parts need to be washed. If you want a larger display, look for an option that will connect to a tablet or a computer as well as an iPhone.

Furthermore, an otoscope needs to be durable and easy to wash. An option that connects to wi-fi makes it easier to connect to an iPhone too. Make sure you pick an option you have space to store and that it includes the correct charging cable.

Before using an otoscope, thoroughly clean the device and sanitize it before putting it into an ear. Next, clean the ear canal with a wet cotton swab as unclean ear canal secretions can contaminate the lens and cause blurry images. Now you are ready to turn on the device and connect it to wi-fi and the app.

Aim the USB otoscope at the ear about 20 mm in front of the lens and wait for the focal length to adjust to a clear image. Put a speculum on the lens to look inside the ear first. Then, place the otoscope into the ear canal and observe the images on the screen. Try not to push the otoscope on the inner parts of the ear to prevent injury.

After inspecting, you may want to remove wax. If so, take the speculum off and place the ear wax remover tool on the otoscope. Remove wax with the tip slowly without moving the wax farther into the ear. Workaround the edges and scoop the wax out in chunks.

When you are done, make sure to sanitize all the parts of the otoscope and the attachments. Dry the device and pieces off before storing them in the included storage bag. Charge the otoscope if necessary before storing it for the next use.

Otoscopes can hurt if the ear is infected, in pain, or if the otoscope is used improperly. Otherwise, an otoscope should not cause pain but can still be uncomfortable as many people prefer not to have the inner ear touched. If the person feels pain, then take the otoscope out immediately. Try again without touching the otoscope to skin and if there is still pain or discomfort, stop the examination.

When used with care, then otoscopes are safe to use even at home. As a diagnostic tool, these devices are made for safety and will not go too far into the ear. The tips protect the camera from going too far into the ear canal, which prevents injury. Always exercise extreme caution and work slowly to prevent accidents or injuries.

Children should never perform examinations on themselves or others with a home otoscope. As children and teenagers cannot use the necessary caution to prevent injury to an ear, it's best to make sure an adult always does the examinations. Adults can even use the device with their phones to perform their own examinations.

The most important aspect of safety pertaining to otoscopes is to make sure the device and accessories are always clean. In addition, make sure to sanitize all of the parts before use as ears are prone to infection. Finally, always store the device in a cool, dry location to prevent any damage and always clean before using the otoscope.

Yes, most otoscopes can work with both Apple and Android. However, check before purchasing as each device is different. Most of the options will have apps in both the Apple Store and Google Play. However, most will not work with Chromebooks or computers, including iOS laptops. Decide what screen you want to display before purchasing so you can get exactly what you want.

Teslong provides various endoscopes, borescopes, otoscopes, and accessories to help make life easier. We spent decades creating and developing innovative digital products to help people solve problems and make life easier and better. Our otoscopes are affordable and include the accessories necessary to perform exams and maintain ear health.

Our devices help to provide the option to examine at home. Furthermore, you can use the otoscopes to save money by cutting down doctors visits and remove ear wax. Before going to a doctor, you can examine the ears and determine if a visit to the physician is necessary.

Try one of our otoscopes and learn how to check your own ears or your family's ears. A thirty-day warranty allows you to try the device and make sure it works for you without fear. Reach us online, phone, or live chat to get all the information and assistance you need. We ship worldwide and even offer rewards to help our customers enjoy their products and get the most use from their purchase. Get the best quality for years of useful help from smart products ready to meet your needs.

THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON ANY ITEM SOLD BY TESLONG. TESLONG will not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damage resulting from the sale or use of any merchandise purchased from us. TESLONG's liability is limited to the monetary value of the merchandise.

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