Teslong Portable MS100 USB Microscope

$49.98 $39.98
All Products Automotive Borescope Automotive Endoscope Industrial Endoscopes & Borescopes USB Endoscope Cameras for Android and PC
This USB Microscope camera is a portable, handheld photo or video magnifier with adjustable focus length and up to 200 times magnification ability. The...

NTC125 Autofocus Endoscope 0.49inch (12.5mm)

$65.99 $49.99
All Products Automotive Borescope Automotive Endoscope Industrial Endoscopes & Borescopes No Deal USB Endoscope Cameras for Android and PC
Autofocus Endoscope & Micro Inspection Camera 3RD GENERATION AUTOFOCUS ENDOSCOPE - Unlike traditional fixed-focus endoscopes, this camera lens automatically focuses on its subject, whether it’s...

TD100 Two-way 180° articulation Inspection Camera, Borescope-Endoscope, 3.3ft Cable with 8.5mm Dia, Support iPhone & Android Smartphone

All Products Articulating Borescopes Automotive Borescope Automotive Endoscope Industrial Endoscopes & Borescopes USB Endoscope Cameras for Android and PC
【Two way-180° HORIZONTAL ROTATION】 Teslong TD100 Articulating borescope probe can continuously articulate from 0° to 360°. It's a useful tool of inspecting tight spaces...

Frequently Asked Questions

A USB endoscope is simply an endoscope that connects via USB to a smart device. As USB cords are easy to find and use, they make the perfect option for people who want to charge their device or connect to a smartphone or tablet. However, USB does not work with Apple products besides the Mac, meaning you will need an Android device to use a USB endoscope camera.

The universal USB port gives you more options for screens and charging. Either way, you will still get a device capable of inspecting with a camera and a built-in light. In addition, these flexible devices prevent you from needing to pull mechanical machines apart to diagnose the problem and help make repairs easily.

USB endoscopes can be used for inspection, such as with cars, boats, plumbing, and much more. Many mechanics will use an endoscope for visibility inside tight spots of vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and other equipment. People at home can use them for working on vehicles, plumbing, and many other tight areas where a lighted micro camera on a cord would be useful.

First, you will need to make sure the USB endoscope is charged if necessary. Second, plug the USB into a smart device and access the app to gain the visuals. Finally, the USB port makes it easy to work with the smart device over Bluetooth or WiFi with a hard connection.

To use a USB endoscope, you will need to use the USB cord attached to a smart device like a phone or a tablet to visualize what the camera sees in tight spaces. The devices are very easy to use; simply add the USB port and wind the long cord with the camera into the area you need to see. Once connected to the app, you can access the visuals and begin the vehicle inspection.

An endoscope is a type of borescope. With a borescope, you can inspect a mechanical object, and with an endoscope, you can inspect living bodies. Do not use a borescope for human inspection, and it's best not to use an endoscope for mechanical inspections. Instead, choose a borescope to use with vehicle maintenance and an endoscope if you need to inspect inside the ears or mouth of a human or animal.

However, the terms endoscope and borescope are often used interchangeably as now some endoscopes are used for a mechanical inspection. In this case, borescopes are more rigid in movement, while endoscopes can move around more for more attention to detail and maneuverability. For more precision, an endoscope is what you will need for mechanical needs too. However, borescopes provide a better field of view, lighting, and price.

Most laptops include at least one USB port on the sides, including stationary console computers. Simply make sure you are logged into the computer, insert the USB cord into the USB port, and then access the application to use the device on your computer or laptop. Now you are ready to use the computer as the visuals while winding the long camera cord into your vehicle's tight spots.

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