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Single-Lens USB Camera Probes For NTS500B & MS450 Monitors

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• Camera Probe Only - Compatible With MS450 & NTS500b Monitors
• Single-Lens Camera Probes
• LED Ring Lights Are Adjustable For Brightness
• Includes Hook, Mirror, & Magnet Accessories

Camera Diameter: 0.21 in (5.5 mm) diameter
Length: 16 ft (5-meters)

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• 12-month warranty
• 30-day money-back guarantee return

0.21-inch Single-Lens USB Inspection Camera Probe

This camera probe is to replace any damaged probes or if you want to add another probe to your inspection camera kit. This inspection camera cable can be used for mechanical inspections, care repairs, plumbing, electrical installs, house DIY, wall upgrades, chimney cleaning, air conditioning maintenance and more!

CAMERA PROBE ONLY: This camera probe must be used with one of the following camera monitors: NTS500B and MS450.

ONE SIZE: This camera is only available in one size - 16 ft (5-meters).

SINGLE LENS: This inspection camera can easily pass through small spaces and provide a clear view where your eyes cannot see.

This is to purchase the camera probe ONLY. To use this probe it must be paired with a compatible monitor mentioned above.

If you would like to purchase a kit, click on the following links:
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Single-Lens USB Camera Probes For NTS500B & MS450 Monitors