The name of ear video otoscope may be a little strange to you, but you must know the magnifying glass. Ear otoscope are actually a medical instrument that can magnify the state of the ear and get video. This kind of instrument, which can only be used in hospitals, is also used for home. Buy this Teslong video otoscope and you can check your child's ear health at home.

“Oto” is essentially a smartphone accessory, which needs to be matched with a mobile phone to use. After connecting with the camera of the mobile phone, the user can take photos and record video in the ear, then send pictures and videos to the doctor, and then carry out targeted treatment.

Except “Oto”, the user can also take pictures and record videos of the situation in his ear and save them to the computer by connecting the otoscope to computer with a USB interface and using the corresponding teslong HD camera software.

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