How Much Do Otoscope Inspections Cost?

The basic cost of otoscopy includes the fact that it is cheaper to perform otoscopy, maybe seventeen or eighteen yuan. Compared with otoscopy, it costs about fifty or sixty yuan, but there are differences in the charging standards at different levels of hospitals.

In addition, we also need to look at the examination items. If we want to take tissue biopsy for pathological examination, the cost will be increased. The main purpose of these examinations is to observe the situation in the ear, because the external auditory canal can be observed through the otoscope in general. If there is a problem in the ear, we may need the otoscope at this time. Check, this is relatively expensive.

The above fee is the otoscope price each time, so it is not cost-effective for people who are very concerned about their health and regularly check up. It is recommended to buy a set of electronic ear glasses and check them at home, so that you only need to pay for the electronic ear glasses.


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