Teslong otoscope

The Teslong otoscope is a professional electronic endoscope. If you use our otoscope, you can easily check the health of our ear canal and eardrum at home.

Otoscope uses

The Teslong otoscope is not only used in the ear, but also a widely used digital product. It can not only use to inspect the ear canal and eardrum by otoscope, but also to inspect the mouth, teeth, nasal cavity, scalp, hair root, skin.

It can also use otoscope in the inner wall of equipment, cavity, duct, engineering, circuit board inspection, particle amplification, jewelry detection, etc. Antique appreciation, biological research, electronic component amplification, precision parts detection, silk fiber amplification, coin detection, plant growth status detection and so on. Generally speaking, it can use as a computer camera, digital microscope, oral endoscopy, jewelry detection mirror, etc.

Designed for use at home

The Teslong otocope is a new type of digital electronic product which is designed to be easy for home use. It consists of optical lens, image sensor, illumination device, image conversion control circuit and computer. It displays, stores, prints and transmits the captured image on the computer display.

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