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Benefits of borescope engine inspection

Benefits of borescope engine inspection

Learn about borescopes for engine inspection

Engine borescopes are particularly useful for automotive engine inspection, but some technicians might overlook their utility. Most automotive engines don’t require regular visual inspections — but just because it isn’t required, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done. Inspecting an automotive engine before something breaks can help you determine the engine’s health.

What is an engine borescope?

A car borescope, sometimes called an industrial endoscope, is a digital camera optimized for close-up focusing that is on the end of a long narrow probe - typically the probe is flexible and controllable somewhat - with an articulating head or switchable lenses to look forwards as well as to the side. The live view from the camera is displayed on a dedicated monitor or transmitted to your mobile device via USB or WiFI signal.

Why use an engine cylinder borescope?

An engine cylinder borescope is ideal for inspecting the inside of an automotive engine because engines are typically sealed. If you want to look inside them - to check on any of the internal components - you’d usually need to perform a complicated disassembly. Engine borescopes are an alternative to disassembly - all you need to do is pull out a spark plug and you can insert the borescope into the combustion chamber to look at the top of the piston, some of the cylinder walls,  as well as the engine valves.

Why is it important to inspect engines with a car borescope or engine camera?

It’s important to perform a borescope engine inspection because you can identify worn-down internal engine components, bad gaskets, piston rings in need of replacement, and even major damage to parts that haven’t begun to cause problems yet. Using a borescope to inspect your engine at least once a year, or more frequently if you drive more, will help you get ahead of these issues.

What is the process for checking an engine with an automotive camera scope like?

With a full battery charged, extend and turn on the probe.  Insert the engine camera slowly into places like the oil pan, cylinder head ports, etc…, be careful to avoid damage to the engine and the optics on the borescope. 

Don’t try to rush through the inspection process as you are likely to miss an issue. Rushing is also risky as you might damage the scope or maybe even your motor. When you have completed a thorough inspection, remove the articulating borescope.

Using an automotive camera scope is straightforward, just remember only to do the inspection when the engine is completely off and cooled to avoid damage to the borescope and engine. If you reach a point where the borescope is being blocked, don’t try to force the probe through, it will damage the optics or the engine components.

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