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Why Are My Ears Itchy?

Why Are My Ears Itchy?

Why Ears Itch & How To Help Stop Ear Itching

How Ear Endoscopes Can Help With Ear Itching

The ears are always itchy, but they can not pull out what is very common. One will buy ear flashlight otoscope to self-test, especially among the friends who come to see my outpatient clinic everywhere.

First of all, make it clear that there is no inevitable relationship between ear itching and cerumen (ear wax), and many friends whose external auditory canal is cleaner than their face still feel ear itching. With an ear inspection camera, you can see it clearly by yourself. So don't think that if you clean your ears, it won't itch.

Secondly, there are many causes of ear canal itching, some of which are external or middle ear diseases. It is clear through ear flashlight otoscope, such as eczema of external auditory canal, fungal external auditory canal inflammation, chronic suppurative otitis media (repeated purulent stimulation of ear itching).

If the above-mentioned diseases can be directly identified by otoscopy, targeted treatment can control the symptoms of ear itching.

Can You See Your Eardrum With A Flashlight?

No, using a flashlight won't offer a detailed view of the intricate inner ear canal structures. Yet, it can be useful for lighting up the outer ear area.

There are also many people with itchy ears. When they are examined by ear flashlight otoscope, their external auditory canal is no different from that of ordinary people. The etiology of these people is more complicated. Some people may have skin allergies, while others may have acarid disorders in the auditory canal.

If there is no condition for examination, you can try to wipe the ear canal with an anti-allergic ointment or an acarid ointment. One drug can be used alone for three to five days, and the other is ineffective. Note: The acarid ointment may have allergic reaction in a few people. It should be smeared a little in the arm area first, and then used after observation.

Boric acid alcohol ear drops is a commonly used medicine. It can be used for a few days in a short time, but it should not be used for many years. When the external auditory canal is damaged and the tympanic membrane is perforated, ear flashlight otoscope should not be used.

There are many reasons for itching of the ear. Frequent removal of the ear wax can not fundamentally alleviate it, but may cause damage to the external auditory canal. If the itching of the ear has affected our daily life, we should buy an ear flashlight otoscope to test it by ourselves first. If it is serious, we should go to the hospital and decide the treatment according to the condition of the examination. Cotton swab and ear scoop alone can not solve any problems.



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