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Endoscope vs Borescope: What’s the Difference?

Endoscope vs Borescope: What’s the Difference?

Borescope vs Endoscope Differences

What is the difference between borescope and endoscope cameras?

As we know now, endoscopes are a kind of borescope. Both of them have very similar functions. Most people think there is no difference between the two products. However, this is not entirely correct. Although these devices look exactly the same as some of the matching functions, they are different from each other.

Endoscope vs Borescope Key Differences:

  • the outer diameter of endoscope is thinner than that of borescope vs endoscope
  • endoscope allows easy sliding, while borescope varies depending on the project being run.
  • endoscope is more flexible than borescope because it requires swing space. However, both devices have flexible and rigid forms.
  • If zooming is your main goal, then you must choose endoscope. The borescope Army can provide the same services, but at a higher price.
  • endoscope light tends to be darker than borescope light. Dimmer lamp is more suitable for the internal structure of human body.

When discussing the direction of the point of view, there is a significant difference. borescope can reach up to 120 degrees, while endoscope is limited to 90 degrees. It usually has a built-in directional view that you can adjust.

There are also some length differences, depending on the customer's choice. Both instruments have the same size, but people prefer small length endoscope and full size borescope.

Endoscope vs Borescope for Everyday Use

Because borescope is hard and flexible, people prefer it to do housework. A hard borescope is inexpensive, easy to use, and provides better quality images. On the other hand, flexible instruments allow you to see inside. endoscope, flexible borescope also offers the added benefit of pronunciation - the ability to remotely control the tip of the device and bend it in different directions to observe holes or problems.


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