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How to clean borescope mirror

How to clean borescope mirror

Borescope mirrors are for looking sideways with a borescope camera. Borescopes usually have a camera at the end of a long probe that can be inserted and maneuvered into tight areas for visual inspection. Examples include engine blocks, walls, electrical boxes, and other places that you need to look into to solve a problem. Borescope mirrors usually thread onto the end of the camera probe and, as you can imagine, keeping them clean is important if you want to have a clear view of your inspection area.

How to clean borescope mirror with windex

Borescope mirrors are similar to other glass mirrors, but most have special optical coatings and are held in place with adhesives so you don’t want to clean them with a harsh solvent. If you are curious how to clean borescope mirror windex is a great solution that many people already have in their household. One of the easiest ways to clean borescope mirror is with windex. Simply spray a little windex onto a soft cloth and wipe the mirror clean. 

How to clean borescope mirror with canned air

If you need to clean your borescope mirror, oftentimes it just has dust accumulation on it and can be cleaned with a quick spray from some canned air. Likewise, a bulb blower can also help clean a borescope mirror.

Tips for cleaning your borescope

How to clean borescope tips include storing your mirrors in the case or bag that you received them in so they are not exposed to dirt or dust. Wipe your borescope mirrors clean before or after each time you use them. If you don’t have windex, then try cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, but don’t use any stronger solvents.

How to keep your borescope clean

Best practices for how to keep your borescope clean include storing it in its case. Cleaning it before and after each time you use it, and if it does get dirty use a few drops of rubbing alcohol or windex to wipe it down after use. 

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