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How to clean your ears ?

How to clean your ears ?

Learn how to safely remove ear wax 

Sometimes your ears feel itchy or irritated because earwax, technically a substance called cerumen, sometimes builds up inside. It’s normal for your body to produce earwax, and it actually helps protect and lubricate your ears. If you didn’t have earwax, your ears would probably be itchy and dry. Earwax also has antibacterial properties, which means your ears are self-cleaning. Earwax is like a filter for your ears, keeping out harmful things like dirt and dust, and trapping them so they don’t go deep inside. 

Why your ears make ear wax

Earwax acts primarily as a filter for your ear canal, preventing harmful things like dirt and dust from getting inside. It also acts as a moisture barrier and prevents the inside of your ear from getting dried out and itchy. It’s also possible that your body produces too much ear wax and it can clog or build up, but this usually doesn’t happen too frequently. If you get a large build-up of too much ear wax your ear canal can become clogged, or impacted, and you may need to visit a doctor to have it cleaned out.

Do ears clean themselves?

Ears usually do clean themselves; and earwax is how they do it. Your ear canals stay cleaner because earwax prevents dirt and dust from accumulating inside. The earwax naturally works its way out of your ear canal and falls out of your ear. Sometimes this process doesn’t work as planned and the earwax can build up, that’s where a digital otoscope can come in handy.

When should you clean your ears?

Most of the time you just have to clean dirt and dust out of your outer ear area. If you have been in a really dirty or dusty environment or you notice your ears feel clogged you should use a digital otoscope to see if you have a lot of earwax accumulating or dirt in your ear canal. Digital otoscopes also make excellent ear cleaners. Teslong digital otoscopes include soft silicone ear spoons to safely scoop out excess ear wax or other dirt from your ear canal. Teslong digital otoscopes are safer to use that cotton swabs or ear candles because you can see everything you are doing and thereby safely avoid contact with your sensitive eardrum. 

How to safely remove ear wax at home

A modern approach to earwax removal is to use a digital otoscope with a wax removal attachment. Teslong makes a number of devices that are safe to use because you can see inside your ear the entire time you are using the device. Digital otoscopes have integrated LED lights to illuminate the ear canal to see in your ear canal and avoid your eardrum. If you want to know how to remove ear wax safely at home, the digital otoscope is the best method. The soft silicone-tipped spoon attaches to the end of the otoscope and that combined with the camera gives you the perfect tool to scrape out pieces of earwax.

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In Conclusion, ears are self-cleaning, and earwax is natural and healthy to have in your ear canal, but if it builds up too much then there are a couple ways to remove it. The safest way is to use a digital otoscope to scrape out some of the excess earwax. You should not use a Q-Tip or an ear candle to clean your ears. Finally, if your ear canal becomes impacted you may have to visit your doctor to have your ear cleaned out, although this is rare.



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