Best Ways To Clean Your Ears Safely

Ear wax, commonly known as ear goo, are naturally secreted substances that protect the ear canal. They can absorb dust and block foreign bodies such as insects. How to clean your ears ? Here are detailed methods for cleaning ear wax.

1. Self-massage helps to clean your ears

If the ear is not too much, it can be cleaned by massage. That is to say, every day use your finger belly to clip your ear and turn it around, or gently put your palm on your ear and rub it, try the effect.

2. If ear wax is hard, solution to clean your ears.

If the cerumen in the ear is very hard, don't pull it out by yourself, you can't clean it up. Too much effort will only hurt the ear canal. At this time should go to the regular second-level hospital otology examination, with some such as sodium bicarbonate ear drops, to soften the cerumen and then rinse the ear canal.

3. Use Teslong Ear Otoscope to clean your ears

It is suggested that you buy teslong ear otoscope, open the light source, insert the front end of the otoscope into the external auditory canal slowly, observe the shape of the tympanic membrane, and check whether the external auditory canal is unhealthy.

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