We need ear cleaner, Often there is foreign body secretion in the human ear, and the ear is an open human structure. It is easy to bring garbage to the ear because of the air, so these conditions will cause the problem of dirt accumulation in the ear. Therefore, proper ear washing with cleaner can help people remove dirt in the ear, play a role in sterilization and anti-inflammatory, house infection and disease. Then this article mainly introduces two medicines which can effectively help people to wash their ears. The two ear cleaners are:

1. Ofloxacin cleaner can be used for ear washing. Because ofloxacin lotion is a good fungicide cleaner, by acting on the ear parts, it can play a very good anti-inflammatory and bactericidal role, and can effectively help people to treat ear inflammation diseases such as otitis media, external auditory canal inflammation, tympanitis, so as to help patients control the symptoms of the disease, cure the disease, achieve good results. However, this lotion cleaner has a certain stimulating effect on the human body, which can cause side effects such as earache, itching and so on. Therefore, people should be careful when using this lotion.

2. Oxygen and water are the main components of hydrogen peroxide, so the use of this cleaner to wash ears can play a good role in oxidizing chemistry, helping people to oxidize dirt in the ear into water and gas, so as to achieve the purpose of ear washing. The specific method of using hydrogen peroxide to wash ears is to smear some hydrogen peroxide on the ear with a cotton swab, or pour two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide into one side of the ear, let the hydrogen peroxide stay in the ear for about 3 minutes, and then suck out the hydrogen peroxide with a dry cotton swab. All these cleaner can help people clean the ear well. Dirt, play the role of ear washing.

Although cleaning can be achieved by using the two medicines mentioned above, the ear is a relatively fragile tissue after all. If the ear is washed with medicated water frequently, it will easily stimulate the ear structure, leading to excessive ear washing. Therefore, people usually use some clean water to clean their ears and regularly dig out ear droppings, so that they can do a good job of ear cleaning.

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