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Simple and efficient borescope inspection

Simple and efficient borescope inspection

Simple Inspection Camera

Our industrial video borescope inspection is a simple and efficient remote visual inspection tool, which provides operators with the means to inspect and judge the internal visual defects without destroying or disassembling the detected objects.

It includes the bore detection of gas turbine blades, the internal inspection of aircraft engines, and the diesel engine of automobile engines. Internal inspection, quality control of precision casting spare parts, corrosion detection of chemical equipment and heat exchanger, etc. can not be accessed by operators.

When you want to use borescope to test inspection and prepare to purchase this kind of visual inspection equipment, there are many technical features that need attention and concern. The most critical feature is the imaging performance integrated on the top of the probe imaging chip and the ability to take pictures and videos of borescope images; all our industries.

Video borescope products are equipped with CMOS or CCD imaging chips of the latest technology, which ensures the clarity and rich color performance of the imaging, and makes the borescope pictures vivid. In order to enhance the illumination brightness of the detection area, high-power LED or metal arc light source is integrated on the probe as an auxiliary illumination system.

The performance of the probe insertion tube is also a special concern for the selection of industrial video borescopes. The selection of their working length, probe diameter and probe guiding function depends on the requirements of the detection conditions.

The probe insertion tube can be rigid, semi-rigid, plastic or flexible, and the probe insertion tube can protect the skin material. So it is PVC, stainless steel or tungsten steel; no matter what material the probe is inserted into the tube, it has the characteristics of scratch resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance and waterproof.

Unlike industrial optical fiber borescopes, industrial video borescopes can store high-quality, detailed endoscopy pictures and videos, and can display endoscopy images in real time on an integrated design of hand-held display and manipulator.

The emergence of simple and easy-to-use hand-held industrial video borescopes greatly improves the efficiency of remote visual detection. They allow operators to take high-resolution, color-restored real-time endoscopy images, add text or voice annotations to real-time images, and provide help for the later defect determination and analysis.

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