Benefits of Buying an Ear Otoscope Online

How To Buy Your Own Otoscope

When it comes to wanting to buy an otoscope, you are not alone. In the past, when our ears were uncomfortable, we would go to the hospital to find a doctor to have a good look with an otoscope, but why not buy one?

With the growing popularity of the mobile medical industry, Teslong Technology Company has been fighting for two years to develop an ear otoscope that can make smart phones change seconds into smart ear otoscope----Buy Teslong Ear Otoscope NTE430 and NTE390.

Before using Teslong Ear Otoscope, you need to install a Teslong  HD  Camera App

Teslong NTE430 and Teslong NTE390 support Android, Windows, Mac and Linux systems. After connecting to a mobile phone or computer, it is very convenient to videotape or photograph the external auditory canal. After testing, the recorded image data can be saved. If it's an iPhone IOS system, it's recommended to buy WiFi versions of otoscope NTE430W and NTE390W.

To be honest, after the ear otoscope accessories are combined with the mobile phone, the detection effect is really good. It is strongly recommended that you buy an ear otoscope for your family.

Advantage to buy otoscope:

1. Self-testing at home, no need to run to the hospital.

2. Detection image is clear.

3. Detection images can be preserved as electronic cases.

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