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Ear Tools Available to Help Clean Ear Wax

Ear Tools Available to Help Clean Ear Wax

Ear Tools Available to Help Clean Ear Wax

How To Use Different Ear Cleaning Tools

The human ear consists of three parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. There are villi and glands on the skin of the outer ear canal. The secretions of the glands and the ear hair can block the entry of foreign bodies such as dust. For example, the cerumen glands of the outer ear canal secrete some yellowish viscous liquid, which dries to form the ear when exposed to air. 

Many people feel dirty and often use ear picking tools such as ear scoops to clean up. In fact, ear excrement plays an important role in protecting the skin of the external auditory canal and adhering to foreign substances (such as dust, flying insects, etc.). Of course, regular ear cleaning is necessary, because the ear droppings will gradually coalesce, block the external auditory canal, and even cause cerumen embolism. The scientific name of ear cleaning is ear harvesting, which means using various ear harvesting tools to stimulate the inside and outside of the ear hole, so that people can enjoy and relax between tension and itching, and can also play a certain role in reducing pressure.

Normal ear harvesting is done with the help of others, so let's talk about how to use the right tools and methods to clean the ears.

1. Ear pickle tool

    Commonly known as ear scoop, there are metal ear picks, there are bamboo ear picks. Used to stimulate ear contours and ear holes, clean ear wax and earwax, etc.

2. Goose feather stick tool

    Made of goose feather, the wool is delicate and soft. It is used to rotate the ear cavity to produce a whirring sound and to stimulate tension by stimulating the ear cavity.

3. Chicken feather stick ear tool

    In the process of ear tapping, it is used to sweep debris in the ear hole. Usually it is used by people who often pick ears or have large ear holes. It can also be used to rotate ear holes.

4. Tanzi tool

    Tweezers with blunt tips to avoid injury to the ear wall. It is used to clamp out the earwax and ear knot in the ear canal.

5. Horsetail tool

    It's used to sweep ear holes and make people itch all over the body.

6. Ear hook tool

    To hook out the ear knot, pay attention to the ear hook to slow expansion, do not hurt the skin inside the ear.

7. Cotton sticks tool

    Disposal of oil ears and disinfection after completion.

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