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Videoscopes And Their Many Uses

Videoscopes And Their Many Uses

Learn about videoscopes or video borescopes and the many uses for them

Videoscopes, or video borescopes, are exceptional tools for performing inspections of things in areas and orientations that are difficult or impossible to see with your naked eye. A great example is using a video borescope to look inside the combustion chamber of a car by inserting it through the spark plug hole and examine if the valves appear to be seating properly. If you didn’t have an industrial videoscope, you have to perform significant engine disassembly in order to achieve the same level of inspection. The videoscope saves a great deal of time and work and ultimately saves the customer money.

What is a videoscope or videoborescope

A flexible videoscope or video borescope inspection camera is an advanced type of borescope video recorder that houses a very small image sensor embedded into the tip of the scope. The video image is relayed from the distal tip and focusable lens assembly back to the display via internal wiring. There are stand-alone portable videoscope cameras that include their own screen, battery, and memory storage, but there are also simpler videoscopes that relay the image to an app on your mobile device (see our endoscopes for iPhones and endoscopes for Android) or laptop computer, which are less expensive.

What types of projects can you use a videoscope for?

Videoscopes are typically used to identify problems in engines, in building behind walls, or in plumbing pipes - places that are not easily seen with the human eye. Also, let's not forget inside the barrel of a rifle. Videoscopes are used professionally to inspect aircraft, wind turbines, heavy equipment, automobiles and much more.

Is it better to rent or buy a videoscope?

You can find industrial videoscopes available in a range of prices starting with models that work via an app with your mobile phone for as low as $50. So at that price it doesn’t make any sense to rent, assuming that the videoscope can perform the job you need done. If you need to use a portable  videoscope camera that is specialized for a specific application and you only need to use it once, like a pipe inspection camera, maybe then it makes better sense to rent the device or to hire a professional, like a plumber, who owns a plumbing videoscope and can do the work for you.

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Teslong is one of the premier manufacturers of videoscopes or articulating video borescopes for consumers. Teslong has 10 years of experience manufacturing in wall inspection cameras and gathering customer feedback to build the best products on the market for an economical price. Whether you want a simple USB scope, wireless WiFi model, or a complete stand-alone unit, Teslong makes an in wall inspection camera to suit your needs.


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