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How to use otoscope?

How to use otoscope?

How To Use an Otoscope

Learn How To Use an Otoscope Safely

Today, USB digital otoscopes are widely used.

Not only can they be used to check the ear canal and eardrum, but also to check the mouth, teeth, nasal cavity, scalp, hair root and skin.

They can also be used for checking an equipment wall, cavity, pipeline, analytical balance, circuit board inspection, particle amplification and jewelry inspection, detection, antique appreciation, biological research, electronic component amplification, precision parts detection, silk fiber detection amplification, coin detection, plant growth status detection and so on.

Generally speaking, a digital otoscope can be used as a computer camera, digital microscope, oral endoscopy, jewelry detection mirror, etc.

It is a new type of digital electronic product. It consists of optical lens, image sensor, illumination device, image conversion control circuit and computer. It displays, stores, prints and transmits the captured image on the computer display.

How to use an otoscope?

  1. Before use, thoroughly clean the ear canal with a wet cotton swab.
  2. Uncleaned ear canal secretions may contaminate the lens surfaces of USB otoscopes, resulting in blurred images.
  3. Aim the USB otoscope at the object 20 mm in front of the lens and adjust the focal length to make the image clear.
  4. Put the ear covers on the front end of the USB otoscope, then put the USB otoscope into the ear canal, and observe the image of the ear canal on the computer screen.



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