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Using borescope inspection camera to Judge Carbon Accumulation in Automobiles

Using borescope inspection camera to Judge Carbon Accumulation in Automobiles

Borescope Inspection Camera for Carbon Accumulation in Cars

Using a borescope inspection camera to Judge Carbon Accumulation in Automobiles

It has to be said that automotive borescopes and automotive endoscopes are a good assistant in examining cars inspection.

Many car owners often have serious vehicle jitter and slow speed-up after using the car for a period of time. In view of this situation, car owners are often confused. In fact, based on years of service experience in carbon removal, this is probably because the car has formed carbon deposit. So what are the ways to judge car carbon deposition? Let's come together one by one.

When you don't have a borescope on your hand, which means no camera no inspection, the method of judging car carbon deposition actually depends on the severity of car carbon deposition, which is generally manifested in intake pipe carbon deposition and valve carbon deposition. In fact, the judgment method of carbon deposition in intake truck is very simple. You can see the degree of carbon deposition by removing the throttle.

If you haven't bought such a useful tool which camera, which is a borescope for inspection, and it's relatively difficult to judge valve carbon deposition, there are usually two ways to do so. Firstly, one of the methods of judging car carbon deposit is dismantling method, that is, disassembling the engine, so as to more intuitively judge whether there is carbon deposit. However, this kind of situation often causes the performance of automobile engine to be affected, thus reducing its service life.

Another good way to judge car carbon deposit is to buy a borescope. After removing spark plug or fuel injector, borescope can be used for inspection of the severity of car carbon deposit by camera, which is more time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and practical.

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