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How To Remove Ear Wax From Kids & Children

How To Remove Ear Wax From Kids & Children

How To Remove Ear Wax From Kids & Children

Learn How To Remove Kids' Ear Wax Easily

When their ear canal is filled with wax, your child or baby's hearing will weaken. Effusion in the middle ear following an infection may also cause hearing loss. Additionally, too much ear wax can also cause ear pain.

How ear wax keeps your ears clean

Although you may find earwax (also known as cerumen) disgusting, it is important to keep your ears clean and healthy. It is the secretion of the cerumen gland in the ear canal, which can absorb dirt, dust and other small particles into the ear to prevent these things from entering the inner ear and destroying the tympanic membrane.

How ear wax forms

Generally speaking, earwax accumulates, dries and moves to the outer ear, where it can be removed. In the process of accumulation and movement, the ear wax absorbs foreign matter and takes it all the way out of the ear. If the rate of earwax accumulation exceeds the rate of discharge, then the problem of ear wax accumulation needs to be addressed.

Symptoms of ear wax buildup and symptoms of ear infections

Sometimes it's hard to judge, because when wax accumulates, the baby may rub or scratch his ears, and may also use his fingers to pick his ears and eyes, which is very similar to the symptoms of ear infection. However, ear wax accumulation does not cause fever and sleep problems in babies, while ear infections can cause these problems.

If you have too much earwax, look inside your baby's ears. Sometimes you can also see yellow or brown secretions. (The secretions from ear infections are transparent, milky pus or bloody.) If you are really worried, you'd better take your baby to the pediatric department and ask the doctor for a detailed examination removal.

Ear wax removal safety

Your mother may have told you not to stick your fingers in your ears and not to stuff things in your ears. She's right. Don't stick anything (including cotton swabs) into your baby's ear canal to dig for ear wax because it is dangerous to do so and may cause the baby's fragile tympanic membrane rupture. This may also push the wax deeper into the ear canal, making the ear wax problem worse. If the baby has ear wax in the outer ear, it can be removed with a cotton swab and wiped with a wet face towel.

Seeking professional help

But if you think your baby has ear wax accumulation in his ears, you can consult a doctor during his routine physical examination. The doctor will tell you if the problem is serious and flush the baby's ear canal with warm liquid to loosen the wax and discharge it by itself. Doctors may also use plastic gadgets (ear spoons, curettes) to clean stubborn ear wax without causing any harm.

If the baby always has too much ear wax, the doctor will tell you a simple rinse method of removal, using which you can clean the baby's ear wax at home. When people are dehydrated, they get more ear wax, so make sure that children drink enough water and avoid dehydration.



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