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What Are the Uses of Borescope in the Automotive Industry?

What Are the Uses of Borescope in the Automotive Industry?

Automotive Borescope Guide

What Are Automotive Borescopes?

Automotive borescopes are a simplified variant of industrial level endoscopes. They are used to check the internal components of different automobiles. But when it comes to the automotive industry, today, different repair shops prefer to use borescope during fixing or servicing of various automobiles. 

Uses of borescope in the automotive industry

An automotive borescope helps technicians inspect and monitor more complex parts of an automobile that are difficult to check otherwise. 

A videoscope is specially created for automobile manufacturing companies. It is mostly used to inspect and detect any possible leakage or malfunction of engines, pipes, engines, tanks, etc. 

Borescope is used to avoid unnecessary repair costs

While using an automotive boroscope, the user can detect any flaws in the vehicle and avoid greater damages. When using the boroscope, one must study the overall design of the vehicle. He should know the exact location of the part or component that needs to be examined. He should be equipped with all the essential link instruments/ tools and monitor power supply in advance. When companies can detect any possible defects in the early stages of the development of cars, they can avoid unnecessary repair costs to a great extent.  

Use of borescope to analyze internal components

Similarly, the user should select the correct probe to pass through the inner components of a car or vehicle that requires an inspection. During the inspection, if there are any noticeable obstacles, then it may affect the entire screening or inspection process. 

The handler should take extra care while inspecting a vehicle to make sure that the boroscope reaches the desired part smoothly. If there is any resistance during the inspection, then the user should immediately stop. If the probe gets stuck, then the user must avoid pulling it out forcefully as it can damage both; the vehicle and the probe. 

With the help of a boroscope, any internal component can be easily photographed for future study and analysis. Once the inspection is done, you must clean the probe and instrument site. 

Boroscope helps check hard-to-reach parts of vehicles

Automotive boroscope is also used to check inner parts of different pipes. You can also use it while cleaning car engines or fixing a valve carbon. 

Apart from these, there are various other types of applications where an automotive borescope is extremely important. 

These instruments are used by technicians daily to examine automotive components. There are many different components like fuel components, valves, hydraulic systems, tubes, cylinders, etc. that cannot be checked without a borescope. 

Use of boroscope saves time and prevents disassembling of components

A boroscope makes it easy for technicians to detect any potential defects of automotive parts. Moreover, if borescopes are unavailable, technicians will have to opt for invasive testing and disassembling of components that can be extremely time-consuming. 

Two main options available for users are optical and video boroscopes. A video scope projects the video or an image from a camera to the probe's end. An optical borescope, on the other hand, uses an optical/ glass fiber system where users can examine through the bare eye only. 

Using borescope of different types makes inspection convenient

Automotive mechanics mostly use these inspection tools to check cylinders and piston crowns. Flexible scopes that come with articulation can help mechanics and technicians inspect internal components of a vehicle and take videos to select the best way to fix a particular automobile part or component. 

Articulated video scopes can be used to examine gearboxes or cylinder blocks, and an insertion probe can be either gas, diesel, water, or oil. 

A lot of borescopes come with a stainless steel probe and LED light. These probes are more durable and practical for everyday inspection. 

Conventional borescopes are equipped with HD screens which allows users to view intricate details of an inspected area. LED light is more suitable to check the internal parts of an automobile where natural light is hard to reach. Therefore, in such cases, technicians usually prefer a horoscope which comes with a lighting source such as an LED light or lamp.


An automotive borescope is a useful tool to examine any automobile. It is used by manufacturing as well as car maintenance companies. Apart from cars, a boroscope is used in precision machining, armed vehicle manufacturing, to examine intricate apertures, gaps, grips, and quality of various gear parts. 



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