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Camera to check drain pipe

Camera to check drain pipe

Learn about using a camera to check pipes

A pipe camera is a small and flexible camera with a long neck that is narrow enough to fit down a drain and can navigate its way through some of the twists and turns to get a look inside the pipe as it disappears into a wall or foundation.  A camera for checking pipes can also be part of a device similar to a snake that plumbers use - so it is more durable and able to be inserted further down the pipe. Plumbers offer pipe inspection services with this device to get to the point in a pipe where a clog or break may exist in the hopes they can remedy the problem with as little invasive work as possible. Instead of digging up the whole pipe, the plumber can identify what the problem is and just dig up where the leak or break is.

Why do pipes get clogged?

Pipes can get clogged for many reasons including: tree root infiltration; a broken, cracked, or collapsed pipe; major blockage of grease, sediment, or paper; or sagging pipes, causing buildup & eventual blockage. Pipe inspection cameras can help a plumber make an accurate diagnosis of an expensive problem without invasive and destructive inspection. Some may question, “is a pipe inspection camera worth it?” but keep in mind the alternative is to dig up the whole pipe to see where it’s leaking - a very labor intensive and destructive process that can be quite expensive.

What is a camera for checking pipes called?

Pipe inspection cameras are also known as pipe cameras, drain pipe inspection cameras, or sewage cams and are special cameras attached to flexible cables for insertion into pipes. Tiny lenses capture video footage deep inside hard-to-reach spaces, with electronic illumination to highlight cracks and clogs that might otherwise go unseen.

Is it worth it to buy a borescope, or should you just call a plumber?

If you’ve determined you need a professional plumbing inspection, pipe camera inspections cost can range anywhere from $200 up to $1,200. The cost depends on where you live and who you call. It also depends on the equipment the plumber uses and how long it takes to complete the inspection. Prices for commercial buildings are likely to be more than residential buildings.

If you’d rather buy your own pipe inspection camera, small handheld units can cost as little as $100 but there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the source of you problem - these cameras can only reach so far into pipes. Longer sewage cams can be purchased, but are going to cost more, possibly over $5,000. For this reason, many people choose to just hire a pipe inspector who brings all the right tools with them to get the job done.

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