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Using a thermal image gun to find window drafts

Using a thermal image gun to find window drafts

Did you know you can use a thermal heat gun to find a draft coming from windows?

Cold air can seep through old windows pretty easily in the winter, as can hot air in the summer. You typically feel this if you place your hand around an old window in any extreme weather situation.  Feeling the draft is one way to identify the problem, but it’s even better if you can see the draft. Using a thermal imaging gun will allow you to actually see the draft coming from window - be it hot or cold. It’s the first step to diagnose your windows and help determine how to best repair or replace them.

What is a thermal imaging gun?

Thermal imaging guns capture images that your eye cannot see—the radiant heat of an object. Radiant heat is thermal energy, which is also part of the infrared spectrum. Every object made of matter has some level of thermal energy, which gets emitted as infrared radiation, even ice. A thermal gun can see this thermal energy and turns that energy into an image called a thermograph. The colors in the image indicate how hot or cold a location is.

Thermal imaging guns are a powerful tool when it comes to diagnosing energy loss in homes including doors and windows. When you take thermographs of a door or window you know precisely where the energy loss is occurring so you have a better idea of how to fix the situation and aren’t just guessing what to do. 

Why is a draft coming from a window a problem?

Drafts from old windows could be costing you an average of $200 to $400 extra on your energy bill per year according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Getting a thermal heat gun to quickly identify where energy leaks are happening as well as verify that any work done is actually stopping the leak will quickly save you money. 

Can thermal imaging see through glass?

Strangely enough, thermal imaging guns cannot see through glass. Glass has a high thermal content - that’s why it can get really hot or cold depending on if it’s in the hot sun or it’s snowing outside. The glass retains some of the energy that it is exposed to. As a result, when you point a thermal heat gut at a window what the thermal camera sees is the temperature of the glass itself. Sometimes, the thermal heat gun with also record a reflection of other things in the glass - like a mirror - but it won’t see through it.

What is the best thermal imaging camera for finding a draft from window?

The best thermal imaging camera for finding a window draft is a handheld model that is lightweight and portable. Teslong makes several models that would suit the needs of any contractor or DIY home improver.

Shop Teslong infrared cameras today!

Teslong makes a range of thermal heat guns that can be used for identifying air leaks, energy loss, and other thermal problems when you are performing a house inspection. Thermal heat guns are also great for finding people or animals in the woods, locating water leaks, checking for properly functioning plumbing, identifying overheating electrical components, and many other applications.


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