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Using behind wall inspection cameras

Using behind wall inspection cameras

Learn about in wall inspection cameras

It doesn’t matter if you are just trying to hang a large picture on a wall or something more complicated like remodeling a house and changing the wall layout, having an inspection camera to look inside a wall so you know where wires, pipes, and studs are located can be very handy. 

What is a wall inspection camera?

Wall inspection cameras are usually something like a borescope, whereby a camera is located on the end of a long flexible probe, which can be inserted into small openings and be manipulated by the operator. Wall inspection cameras come in a couple of configurations including all-in-one models as well as a couple types that connect to your mobile device or computer. The type that connect to a mobile device can use a USB cable to connect if you have Android, or they can use a Wi-Fi signal to transmit the camera’s view if you have an iOS device. The stand-alone models also include their own screen, batteries, and memory so they typically are more expensive. 

Why use a wall and pipe inspection camera?

The best reason to use an in wall and pipe inspection camera is that it will save you time and frustration. Imagine you want to cut into a wall, but don’t know what’s inside it? First drill a small hole and insert the camera probe to look. You might see electrical wires or plumbing pipes - maybe even a gas line - all items that you definitely don’t want to cut through with a metal reciprocating saw blade. Locating these items before you start cutting will save you time, money, or maybe even a trip to the emergency room.

What is the best wireless inspection wall scope camera?

The best wireless inspection wall scope camera is the one that solves your problem and answers your questions for you. Teslong makes a wide range of inspection cameras depending on what you need and which mobile device you need it to be compatible with. Teslong’s NTS500b stand-alone model is the easiest to use - just press power and you’ll be ready to record photos and video right away. The TD100 articulating wall and pipe inspection camera is compatible with both Android and iOS devices plus it has an articulating probe that the operator can use to look right or left. The NTC125 is a simple and affordable camera tool wall inspection device that connects to your computer or Android device with USB.

Shop Teslong wall inspection cameras today!

Teslong is one of the premier manufacturers of behind wall inspection cameras for consumers. Teslong has 10 years of experience manufacturing in wall inspection cameras and gathering customer feedback to build the best products on the market for an economical price. Whether you want a simple USB scope, wireless WiFi model, or a complete stand-alone unit, Teslong makes an in wall inspection camera to suit your needs.


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